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Grove RT9130E

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  • Manufacturer: Grove
  • Type: Rough Terrain
  • Capacity: 130 tons
  • Max Boom Length: 160 ft. 0 in.
  • Jib: 59 ft. 59 in.
  • Max Tip Height: 227 ft. 0 in.
  • Mount Type: Behind Cab


  • Graphic Display LMI & Anti-Two Block
  • Tier II or 4i Engine
  • 4x4x4 Drive Steer
  • 3 Outrigger Positions
  • Joystick Controllers



BOOM:  42-160’ 5 section, sequence synchronized full power
MEGAFORM main boom with thermal retraction prevention feature. Hydraulically activated boom removal pins.  169’ Tip height.  
JIB: Stowable, 36-59’ hydraulic offset bi-fold with settings from 0 to 40 degrees.  On board tip height is 228.’ LMI calibration only for future addition of (2) 26’ inserts (not included).
HOISTS:  Matching two speed main and auxiliary with hoist rotation indicators, cable followers and mirrors.  Auxiliary hoist is hydraulically removed/installed along with counterweight.  Maximum permissible line pull of 16,800 lbs., maximum line speed of 572 fpm. Main/Aux hoist 950’/700’ of ¾” wire rope, respectively.  Auxiliary boom nose.
COUNTERWEIGHT: One 40,000 lbs. piece, hydraulically installed and removed.  
CAB: Tilting (to 20 degrees) ‘Galvaneal” steel with acoustical lining and tinted glass throughout. Deluxe seat with armrest mounted single axis controllers; engine gauges; tilt/telescope steering wheel; air conditioning; hot water (flameless) heater; opening skylight with wiper; sunscreen; cab mounted work lights (2).  
LMI: Audio visual warning system and Grove control lever lock out with electronic display of crane geometry, rated load, actual load.  In cab LMI light bar. Work area definition system with A/V warning.   Two position house lock and 360 degree NYC positive mechanical house lock.
HYDRAULICS: Six pumps with external sight level indicator, filter condition gauge, pressure check ports and oil cooler.  Manual hydraulic pump disconnect.  BLOCK/BALL: 80 Ton 5 sheave quick reeve block with swivel hook and safety latch, 1600 lbs.  10 ton top swivel ball with swivel hook and safety latch, 700 lbs.  ENGINE:  Cummins Tier IV QSL 8.9L 320 HP turbo diesel with hour meter, air service indicator, block heater and engine distress A/V warning. Requires maximum 15 ppm “Ultra-low sulfur” diesel.
TRANSMISSION: Six speed forward and three reverse power shift.  
DRIVE/STEER: Four wheel drive, four wheel/four mode steering.  BRAKES: Dual line full Hydraulic with spring applied parking brake.  
TIRES: 33.25 X 29 38 bias ply PR.  
OUTRIGGERS: Three position beam and jack with front and rear removable boxes.  Settings are at 11’7”, 19’9” and 27’10”.  Outrigger position monitoring system.  Removable steel outrigger pads.
LIGHTING: Includes turn indicators, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, 4 way hazard lights and cab mounted work light.  Superstructure mounted amber flashing light; dual base boom mounted floodlights.
ELECTRICAL: 12v Lighting/starting, 3 12V batteries with disconnect switch.  
MISCELLANEOUS:  Hardware for CRANESTAR asset management system; hook block tie-down; wind speed indicator; dual rear view mirrors; full length aluminum decking; rear wheel alignment indicator; coolant sight level indicator; sling assemblies for boom, outrigger boxes and counterweight assembly/disassembly.  
GVW:  175,000 lbs. fully equipped.  Can strip to 127,000 lbs. by removing Aux hoist/counterweight assembly and bi-fold jib. Can strip to 106,000 lbs. by removing Block, ball and both outrigger boxes in addition to the above.
PAINT: Standard Grove yellow and gray.

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