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An Office in the Sky

by Nancy Bruton | Jul 17, 2017

While some white-collar workers head to their offices in the sky – offices and cubicles in skyscrapers -  crane operator’s offices are quite literally hanging in the sky – a tiny box attached to a crane hundreds of feet in the air. Most office workers take elevators to get to their desks, but crane operators often climb ladders to dizzying heights just to reach theirs.

Coast Crane -Office in the Sky - crane rentals, crane operatorsTo be a crane operator requires technical finesse, balance and the ability to overcome vertigo inducing heights with ease. While crane operator duties are in some ways similar to those of construction workers and specialists, their specific duties and responsibilities differ.

A Day in the Life of a Crane Operator

Crane operators start their day by climbing a long ladder to their ‘6 x ‘6 office in the sky, though these may be at varying heights depending upon the crane. It’s not uncommon for operators to have no harness and only a vertical safety cage and resting platform approximately every 20 feet. Climbing times vary, with climbs taking an average 15 to 20 minutes. Most construction workers rarely leave their operating booth once reaching it, with some reporting they stay there all day until their shift ends, sometimes lasting as long as 14 hours.

Once situated, crane booth operators begin the delicate process of picking up, transporting and placing heavy construction materials in often difficult and unwieldy construction spaces. This delicate process requires thorough communication with ground crews and a hawk-like eye for detail to ensure materials don’t accidentally strike workers, pedestrians and other buildings.Coast Crane, rentals and sales, crane operators

Challenging tasks are a part of everyday life for operators, such as setting more than 110 panels of glass (weighing 3,000 pounds) to create a new curtain wall skin or picking up foundation bars a half block away and transporting them into the construction site without hitting surrounding buildings. The job can become more complicated as the building nears completion, as sight lines become blocked, limiting visibility. Operators must also deal with uncomfortable conditions such as intense cold in the winters and stifling heat in the thick of summer, requiring operators to get crafty by installing heaters and fans in a tiny cabin.

Become a Crane Operator with Coast Crane Company

Crane operator jobs aren’t for everyone, but operators are generally paid well for performing such an intense job. Crane operators in New York City are known for having benefits packages (including pay, overtime and benefits) totaling $500,000. Benefits packages vary by company and region, but at Coast Crane Company you can enjoy great benefits and pay as a crane operator!

Coast Crane Company employs only the best factory trained service technicians in the industry. We ensure our operators receive the thorough, comprehensive training they need to perform at optimal operating levels, handle heavy machinery and guarantee the safety of crew and pedestrians. Our dedication to safety is paramount, as we provide monthly safety meetings, first aid classes, certification programs, drivers safety meetings and much more to ensure our employees receive the best training possible.

Have what it takes to be a crane operator? Contact us today to apply for a crane operator position with us!