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Are Your Manufacturer Internal Boom Inspections Up to Date?

by Karinne Cyphers | Oct 27, 2016

Have You Completed the Manufacturer’s Periodic Internal Boom Inspection on Your Crane Or Forklift? An internal boom failure can happen at the worst time, often resulting in a catastrophe or unplanned downtime.

At Coast Crane Company our number one priority is keeping your equipment fully operational. We encourage our clients to commit to regular servicing and inspection to keep their fleet in the best shape possible. Crane and forklift manufacturers set standards for internal boom inspections. Our technicians have the highest factory training and are ready to perform inspections and repairs to those standards. Internal boom inspections include:

• Boom disassembly and thorough inspection of all cables, pads and boom structure
• Assessment of internal cables/sheaves operation and condition
• Boom deflection
• Assessment of boom lift/cylinder pin bushing wear
• Checking boom alignment, retract cables, gauges and belts


We follow the manufacturer procedures to ensure your crane remains compliant. Our technicians can perform other periodic inspections over the life of your equipment including 3-month, annual, 5-year block and ball; and 10-year boom assembly inspections.

With 13 strategically located service centers, we can perform your regular, emergency and manufacturer required services. Call (800) 400-2726 today for an estimate or scheduling.