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  • How Was the Space Needle Built?

    by Nancy Bruton | Feb 13, 2018
    The Space Needle is an iconic visual of the Emerald City. Towering over Seattle at 605 feet, it quickly became an iconic city landmark when it was erected in 1962. Have you ever wondered how something so towering and unique was made, or why? There are quite a few interesting facts, past and present, surrounding the construction of the Space Needle.
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  • Big Changes to Coast Crane Company

    by Nancy Bruton | Jan 24, 2018
    Essex Rental Corp. and Maxim Crane Works, LP, announced last April that Coast Crane Company, an indirect subsidiary of Essex, would be acquired by Maxim Crane Works. The development will enable Coast Crane to provide a more expansive product line to a wider customer base, in addition to growing Maxim’s footprint.
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  • How Cranes Work

    by Nancy Bruton | Dec 14, 2017
    Cranes are a staple piece of construction equipment. Although there are a variety of types of cranes – tower, boom, telescopic, loader and more – most cranes utilize the same types of machinery and engineering to perform similar tasks – lifting and moving heavy loads.
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  • An Unsolved Ancient Architectural Mystery

    by Nancy Bruton | Nov 22, 2017
    Scientists, explorers and even practitioners of the occult have debated for years over the question, “How did the Egyptians build the pyramids?” Not all the ancient Egyptians’ construction methods are crystal clear, but archaeologists and scientists have clarified some of them through studies, archaeological digs and science.
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  • How Do Tower Cranes Work?

    by Nancy Bruton | Sep 27, 2017
    We often take for granted how these sometimes monumentally-sized machines shape the world around us. From a distance, or from the ground, it can be pretty hard to imagine how the crane accomplishes what it does without tipping over.
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  • Choosing the Right Heavy Equipment

    by Nancy Bruton | Aug 25, 2017
    When you have a big job to do, it’s always important to have the right tools and equipment available. Heavy machinery is necessary for many construction projects but can pose serious hazards when used incorrectly.
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  • Dizzying Heights

    by Nancy Bruton | Jul 18, 2017
    Ever wonder what it would be like to sit on top of the world and yet get paid for being there? This could be just the environment you're looking for!
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  • An Office in the Sky

    by Nancy Bruton | Jul 17, 2017
    While some white-collar workers head to their offices in the sky – offices and cubicles in skyscrapers - crane operator’s offices are quite literally hanging in the sky – a tiny box attached to a crane hundreds of feet in the air.
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  • Practice Crane Safety

    by Nancy Bruton | May 16, 2017
    When renting a crane for a project, your main priority should be the safety of your team and the machinery.
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  • Practicing Proper Crane Safety

    by Nancy Bruton | May 16, 2017
    No matter how large or small a job, cranes can cause some serious damage if misused or improperly maintained. A vast majority of crane accidents and injuries stem from human error and improper inspection.
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  • Becoming a Crane Technician/Mechanic

    by Nancy Bruton | Apr 21, 2017
    Before a construction professional can hop into the cab of a crane to get some serious work done they demonstrate their skills in crane operation.
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  • How to Become a Crane Mechanic

    by Nancy Bruton | Apr 19, 2017
    Becoming a crane mechanic can take your career to new heights! Learn what you need to do to start or change your career today! Give us a call.
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  • The Benefits of Bare Rental

    by Karinne Cyphers | Apr 06, 2017
    Coast Crane Company, founded in 1970, is one of the premiere crane rental and sales companies in North America. We specialize in bare crane rental - a great alternative to purchasing, as it allows you to meet the demands of your business while preserving your capital.
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  • Fantastic Cranes

    by Nancy Bruton | Mar 08, 2017
    There are plenty of crane types that help professional contractors and builders construct all types of structures, from short buildings to skyscrapers. How well do you know the differences between each type? Check out these fun facts on four fantastic cranes.
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  • What Coast Crane Company Has to Offer

    by Nancy Bruton | Mar 08, 2017
    Coast Crane Company has been proud to provide the finest new and used cranes for sale as well as crane rentals, crane parts and crane inspections for more than 40 years.
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  • Bad Weather Can Deplete Your Fleet

    by Karinne Cyphers | Dec 14, 2016
    Inclement weather can quickly deplete your fleet of cranes and boom trucks. Let Coast Crane Company help!
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  • Save Big on a Crane Before Year-End

    by Karinne Cyphers | Dec 05, 2016
    The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 still has tax incentives that can benefit your growing business. Section 179 of the Tax Hikes Act extends the bonus depreciation program to businesses of all sizes. Under this provision, businesses will be able to depreciate 50% of the cost of property acquired and put into service during 2016.
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  • Rough, Tough & Ready RTs

    by Karinne Cyphers | Nov 03, 2016
    Rough terrain cranes introduced by Grove in the late 1950’s were built to handle whatever your job site could throw at them.
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  • Are Your Manufacturer Internal Boom Inspections Up to Date?

    by Karinne Cyphers | Oct 27, 2016
    Have You Completed the Manufacturer’s Periodic Internal Boom Inspection on Your Crane Or Forklift? An internal boom failure can happen at the worst time, often resulting in a catastrophe or unplanned downtime.
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  • Coast Crane Opens Houston, TX Facility

    by Karinne Cyphers | Oct 11, 2016
    Coast Crane Company, is one of the country's largest crane sales and rental companies with one of the greatest selections of cranes and locations on the West Coast, in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and now Houston.
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