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PRESS RELEASE: Coast Crane Company, with a location in Seattle, WA, has announced that they are offering a service customer discount. People are encouraged to bring their crane into any of the 11 Coast Crane service centers in order to receive a 10% discount on a crane rental while the service is being performed. The company has a large rental ready fleet available on their website.

Greg Bellcoff from Coast Crane Company says: "We understand that when a crane has to be repaired or serviced, it can lead to significant downtime. By renting a crane from our extensive fleet, this downtime can be avoided. With the 10% discount we offer, costs are minimized."

Coast Crane Company was founded in 1970. Today, it is one of the country's largest crane sales and crane rental companies. With one of the greatest selections of cranes and locations on the West Coast and in Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, the company provides the most comprehensive lifting equipment for the construction industry.

The company focuses primarily on regular service. "At Coast Crane Company our number one priority is ensuring that you have fully operational equipment to use," adds Greg Bellcoff. "We encourage our clients to commit to regular crane servicing and inspection to keep their fleet in the best shape possible. Regular maintenance of your crane makes it easier to repair small problems before they become larger issues. Having your equipment inspected routinely can actually lower the cost of repairs overall, as you will not have to worry about sudden breakdowns and emergency repairs." People are encouraged to learn more about crane service options through the company's website.

The company is able to provide a range of services for all makes and models, thereby keeping fleets up and running. These include preventive maintenance, major hydraulic and electrical systems repair, crane remounts, replacements or repairs of LMI, crane inspection and certification, boom, chassis, and structural components, and engine replacement for tier upgrades. More details are available to those who visit the company Facebook page, where relevant industry news is also shared.

Contact Coast Crane Company:

Greg Bellcoff
8250 5th Avenue S Seattle, WA 98108

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