Coast Crane is your boom truck sales, rental and service expert all around the country.  We know only the best industry boom trucks will do for your project, and that is why we are proud to offer you the best trucks from Tadano, National and Manitex.  Contact us today to talk about any of the specific models below.

  Tadano TM-ZR505XL (5 Ton)
  Tadano TM1052 (7-10 Ton)
  National 500 C/D (16 or 17 Ton)
  Manitex 1770C (17 Ton)
  National 500E-2 (18 Ton)
  Tadano TM1882 (18 Ton)
  National 600E-2 (20 Ton)
  Tadano TM-20110 (20 Ton)
  Manitex 2250T (22 Ton)
  Manitex 2281CT (22 Ton)
  Manitex 22101S (22 Ton)
  National 800D (23 Ton)
  Manitex 26101C (26 Ton)
  National 9103A (26 Ton)
  Manitex 2892C (28 Ton)
  National 1100 (28 Ton)
  Manitex 3051T (30 Ton)
  Manitex 30102C (30 Ton)
  National 13100H (30 Ton)
  Manitex 30112S (30 Ton)
  National 14100H (33 Ton)
  National 14110A (33 Ton)
  Manitex 35124C (35 Ton)
  Manitex 40124S (40 Ton)
  Manitex 4596T (45 Ton)
  Manitex 5003S (50 Ton)
  Manitex 50128SHL (50 Ton)
  Manitex TC700(70 Ton)

Coast Crane is proud to now represent the following Manufacturers in new equipment sales, rentals, and product support:



Coast Crane also represents these brands for used sales, rent or product support:

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